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Two moons in your moccasins

Native American proverb says, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins”.

Self-actualisation as victory over circumstances or a way of life: just live and move on. Guests of the project come from different countries. Their life had completely changed after an injury, accident or illness. Today, they managed to return to active personal and professional life. They will share how they once learned to accept reality of their new life, rebuilt themselves and found strength to move on.

10 Questions to a Friend with Disability

10 interviews with people from various countries: Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Israel, USA.
International inclusive team.
Interactive format: Opportunity of an hour-long coaching session with every hero.
Going viral: Opportunity to be a video-blogger yourself and interview your friend or colleague living with disability.

All videos have professional Russian subtitles.

How to Join

Anyone can join the project stepping into the new popular role of a video-blogger and share the story of their friend or colleague with disability. And people with disability get an opportunity to share their expertise and personal experience and make themselves heard.

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Our Guests

Yevgenia Voskobojnikova — Moscow, Russia
Roman Aranin — Kaliningrad, Russia
Christian Tiffert — Rostock, Germany
Nina Wortmann — Anröchte, Germany
Natalia Kaptelinina — Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Ajslu Asan — Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Billy Tang — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dörte Maack — Prisdorf , Germany

Special Project Team

Janina Urussowa — idea, organization, project management, fundraising, Berlin/Moscow
Christian Blome — video production, Hamburg, Germany
Alexey Shamraev — video production, Moscow, Russia
Roman Akinin — design, motion-design, Sarapul, Russia
Caroline Tremmel — design, Waldsassen, Germany
Maria Zolotavina — assistant, Moscow, Russia
Vladimir Shirokov — translation, Moscow, Russia
Tamara Kalantaryan — translation, Yerevan, Armenia
Ivan Gritsenko – legal support, Moscow, Russia
Ekaterina Makarova — communications, Moscow, Russia
Ekaterina Romanenko — SMM, Sofia, Bulgaria
Yulia Sergunina — PR, Moscow, Russia
Irina Zatorskaya — PR, SMM, Moscow, Russia
Daria Tsvirskaya — PR, SMM, Moscow, Russia
Shai Senior — social franchising in Israel, Tel-Aviv, Israel