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Disabled doesn’t mean alone. That’s what Alexey Gorshenin’s photo project is about: it tells stories of people with various disabilities who live full happy lives, build families, and grow children. Get inspired!

Disabled doesn’t mean alone.

Eight stories of families in which one or both spouses have a disability.
One day of each of the families in photos and interview with the couple.
Read more useful articles: advice of a psychologist, interview with parents of grown-up people with disabilities, information about technical means of rehabilitation, and more.
Various formats: special project web-site, participation in photo exhibitions, articles in mass-media.
Sixteen people with disabilities were employed or pumped-up their professional skills during the course of the project.

Мы уверены, что инвалидность не равна одиночеству. Чтобы рассказать, как стать счастливым, мы запускаем фотопроект "Семья как семья" - о людях с инвалидностью и их семьях. 8 фотоисторий, 8 интервью, в которых мы расскажем и покажем, как стать счастливым, если у тебя инвалидность.

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Implementation and partners

The project is implemented by photographer with disability Alexey Gorshenin and Everland social inclusive project

Project team

Author and photographer, motion design: Alexey Gorshenin
Authors of the texts: Irina Vladimirova, Elena Shalamova, Mikhail Veselov, Svetlana Pavlikova, Natalia Prokhorova
Tutors and editors: Natalia Poletaeva, Natalia Volkova, Natalia Ovchinnikova, Alexey Khrapov
Design and web-development: Yulia Mamtseva, Maria Gudova, Ildar Ibragimov, Roman Akinin, Olga Zotova, Artem Plaksin, Nadezhda Alesenko
Legal support: Andrey Iljichev