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Yoga for visually impaired people

Helping everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle, Everland with support from Beeline created a special online yoga course for visually impaired people.

We adjusted the course for people with visual impairments

Online training is a simple and comfortable practice. But not every existing programme is accessible for people with disabilities. For instance, people with visual impairments need additional comments to the training sessions, i.e. more detailed instructions about the techniques and routine.

This course is created to meet the needs of the visually impaired people and help them practice yoga from the comfort of their homes.

Our course is designed by Everland inclusive project with support from Beeline. It is created for visually impaired people who want to practice yoga. The course is put together by a professional yoga instructor with the help of visually impaired consultants.


Accessible for Everyone

Beginners course:
– Two types of yoga routines – Hatha and Nidra Yoga;
– Detailed description of every movement;
– Involving visually impaired consultants;
– WhatsApp support chat.

Project team

Course author: Olga Gelfand, professional yoga instructor with 10 years’ experience

Accessibility consultants: Yevgenia Malyshko, Anastasia Proskuryakova

Design and web-development: Yulia Mamtseva, supervisor Maria Gudova, tutor Alexandra Gorbunova

Web-design: Ildar Ibragimov, Danil Pylaev

Photo: Alexey Gorshenin

Video and motion: Olga Zotova, supervisor Roman Akinin, Alexey Shamraev, Konstantin Lobankov

Content and PR: Elena Shalamova, Ekaterina Shevicheva, supervisor Natalia Ovchinnikova

Thirteen people with disabilities were employed during the course of the project.