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Inclusion as a business case. Is there a real chance in Russia to develop mass inclusive employment.


Roman Aranin: General Director, Factory Observer, LLC, and Chairman of the Ark for Disabled People
Natalya Kapitelinina: political and public figure, founder of the “Step by Step to the Dream” project
Elena Martynova: co-founder of the inclusive social and entrepreneurial Everland project
Igor Novikov: co-founder of the inclusive social and entrepreneurial Everland project
Georgi Gunther: head of DistingTec, a project for employment specialists with ASD in the IT industry.
Kirill Sokolov: Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Sovcombank, Member of the Everland Expert Council
Artem Plaksin: web programmer, head of the first laboratory for the creation of voices for the domestic synthesizer RHVoice


Yanina Urusova: expert on disability rebranding, co-founder of Bezgraniz Couture and founding author of the “Two Moons in your Moccasins” project
Evgenia Chistova: Head of Sustainable Development at Beeline

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this is an open discussion of the inclusive employment agenda in the context of contemporary reality: the pandemic, the economic downturn, and rising unemployment. Our conversation with the experts is an attempt to not only rethink the phenomenon of disability, but also to look at the inclusiveness of our lives as a new practical value that gives a powerful impetus to development.

The experts discussed how employees with and without disabilities became equal in lockdown conditions. We talked about the unique expertise that people with disabilities can offer, about filling the phenomenon of disability with new meanings, the quota and labeling of vacancies for people with disabilities, about the readiness of the open labor market for inclusive employment, the availability of successful Russian projects for employment of people with disabilities and the possibility of scaling them up.

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